November silence

I woke up to go to work and i decided to let myself stolen by the fog and the silence in this little park.It felt like i almost could cut the fog with a knife at some point.I took a few shots and then continued my way.
I’ll put my clock alarm to wake me up early tomorow,maybe i’m lucky enough to get another foggy morning.I have some places where I’d like to visit and try some things.


12 thoughts on “November silence

  1. Excelente fotografii!!
    Saru’ mana …si uite asa ma simt mai aproape de casa!
    Asteptam cu mare interes si urmatoarele fotografii!!

  2. Salut! Te rugam insistent sa iti faci timp :))Poate in pripegiile tale te opresti si prin centrul vechi, Schei….Multumesc mult, numai bine si voua!
    Suntem pe frecventa…asteptand noi poze!

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