On the streets

What else could I have done when sitting home boring myself to death.Taking the camera and an mp3 player as a companion and hitting the streets of Brasov was always the best choice.In fact this is how it all started a few years ago.So the boredom and a slight feeling of melancholy led me to an interesting way of spending my time.Maybe the music has to do something with it I guess.I always had Katatonia,Dark Tranquility and Novembers Doom in my ears and it had a good impact on my state of being and my imagination I guess.So here is a small selection of what I ‘shot’ in those days.

couple crossing the street









oh nooo!!!







10 thoughts on “On the streets

  1. LOVE the child and the soccer ball.
    For me, the marriage of jazz and photography always works. I love listening to good jazz and taking my time to see what’s in front of me.
    Thank you for all the comments on my blog! Much appreciated.

  2. All your images tell a story, a moment in the life of each person you’ve captured. I was especially fascinated with the forth, eighth, and ninth images. Actually, particularly the forth one. It held my attention for quite a while…wonderful, really.

  3. where did u say the pics are from? brasov? ..hmmm especially the first one πŸ™‚ good times.! nu mai tin minte dak ti-am dat aprobare :)) glumesc..

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