Forever Autumn

“Coming closer every day, forever autumn” (lake of tears)

Well I must admit this is my favorite season of them all.It’s so rich in colors and has a certain tranquility in the air.I’m obsessed with it.Maybe I’m crazy but…it’s true.One fact I dislike about it…the rain!Actually it’s raining right now,as i write these lines.I can hear it’s music…she’s singing on my balcony…again.And it drives me mad.I hate it…most of the times.
Today was a very lucrative day.A short walk in the park with my girlfriend transformed in a fun game(making photos).If i think about it,the last time i went in that park was last year at the beginning of November.I only like it when it’s autumn but I think i’ll go again when the snow will fall.It has a great potential and I want to try some stuff.
Here are the latest photos:
Everybody has his leaf.
Sneaking behind the trees.
It was really peaceful…and cold too.
A gift from the tree.For being a good model. πŸ˜›
The sweet smell of yellow
Under the rain of leafs somebody is happy.


You can’t change the world but you could always distort the reality.It could be called a sickness but it’s a way of keeping you optimistic.
I did…and here is the result:

Thank you for watching! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Forever Autumn

  1. daaaaa sigur …pui fata pe frunzele ude o kinui in frig….ptr neshte pozee?!!! f bine ( misoginismul din mine se bucura intens) πŸ˜€

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