Trip to Buzau

Last saturday we decided to go to the muddy volcanoes in Buzau district.It was the first time to go there….so i had no idee about how long the trip was going to be.At the beginning it all was beautiful…the road took us on the hills..up and down with autumnal colors all around us,it was really nice BUT after the “nice” part of the road…we started getting a bit angry and frustrated…”where the fuck are the damn volcanoes?!”..after another 2 hours we found them.We got there safe and sound…and freaking mad.Not to mention that on the way there and back we couldn’t find anything decent to eat…so I was preety damn hungry..hmm..400km driven and all i ate were some damn biscuits.
The following photos were taken near Siriu Lake and at the Muddy Volcanoes.Enjoy!






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