They’re everywhere,in different colors and shapes,being part of our lives.Their numbers grows day by day.Everywhere you look or go…they’re there with you.
This is not about some fabulous creature or some kind of bug.It’s just about our automobiles.I’m not trying to underline the fact that they are something bad for humanity or they’re not on our list of foes or something like that.We use them because they make our lives easier and we can organize our time better.
It’s just that there are places where cars don’t fit in and here I’m talking about the narrow streets of some of the medieval towns,forests and…i don’t know right now,places with a special atmosphere in which automobiles wouldn’t fit in the picture.
It’s absolutely normal that in our evolution as human beings our means of transport would evolve too.We started from riding horses and now we can fly our way on the freakin’ moon.
This is a picture I took in Sighisoara on the same day as the first posted here on this blog,through which I tried to express what i just wrote above.


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