1st post

Hello there!Finally!Finally I took the time to start my own blog.Damn!I should have done this long time ago but I kept on forgetting and…you know the feeling. “I’ll do it tommorow” syndrome i guess.It’s preety weird…now that I’m in the front of the screen I can’t find my words or something like that…hmm.

I’ll start posting photos day by day each one or each series with it’s story.

So,here I go…

This one it was taken in Sighisoara,Romania this year.I didn’t have a holiday this year,I was very busy…or maybe I should say that WE were very busy because I’m talking about me and my girlfriend(we have a small business and were busy most of the time).Despite of the lack of free time we still managed to take a day or two off for relaxation and traveling.This was one of the days we left Brasov to visit Sighisoara.We like it a lot!
One thing I love the most about the medieval towns are the streets.I just love them!They have a certain feeling,it’s like a journey in time.I like to think and imagine how it would all look like back then.What were the people like,how were their lives and things like that.This photograph it’s like a reflexion of myself walking around on these streets.The story of a walk in time…through a labyrinth of houses.



10 thoughts on “1st post

  1. Din fericire pt tine, intre toate casele alea ai dat peste o casa mica cu un palat in ea. Iar acum esti in om bogat.

    Don’t loose the touch man…tu fa poze…eu o sa le folosesc ca muze

  2. Felicitari! Bine ai venit in blogosfera! Poza e foarte reusita suprinde atat de bine atmosfera de acolo ! Sighisoara m/a uimit de fiecare data! Asteptam alte postari!

  3. A powerful shot, and I love the contrast. If I were to picture the word ‘destiny’ I think this might do it – I don’t know why, but I get the idea that the man walking in the photo is going to something very important and life-changing.

    1. Yes the idea of ‘destiny’ can also be found here.The positioning of the subject and his way of walking suggest the haste,the precision of knowing exactly where he’s going.Thank you for your comment!

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